Colca Canyon

Finally Peru bound – our last country in South America! We hopped on the bus in Bolivia and then after a short drive we walked across the border to Peru before getting back on and travelling through to Arequipa. Arequipa is a really nice place filled with beautiful white stone buildings. It was just a […]


Copacabana in Bolivia is on the shores of Lake Titicaca which, at almost 4000m, is the worlds highest navigable body of water… Not exactly sure what that means but it sounds impressive right! We were in Copacabana for Katie’s birthday so we treated ourselves to some nice accommodation. A small walk up from the touristy […]

La Paz

Following spending longer than anticipated in Sucre, we had a speedy 2 day visit through La Paz. Tom and I had some delicious food and went on a walking tour around the city where we learned about local traditions, San Pedro prison and got some insight into Bolivian politics. Next I spent the day with […]


Our first few days in Sucre were very lazy as we chilled out after our Salt Flats tour but we did manage to book ourselves in for some Spanish classes, no more “no hablo espanol” for us! Sucre is one of the best places in South America to learn Spanish, it is pretty cheap, the […]


Today we picked up or Wicked 4wd! With some instructions on how to set up our rooftop tent, and what to do if we crash (basically we are screwed and have to pay everything – or alternatively “crash into another car” and insurance will kick in) we were on our way! Our first stop would […]